Inclusive creativity through educational artmaking (InCrea+) erasmus

Dissemination Report of Erasmus+ project Inclusive creativity through educational artmaking (InCrea+)

Fundatia EuroEd, Romania

Mayaya Petra-Caroline


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Online (website, Facebook, etc.)

General Public, Schools, Students, Teachers

number of website visitors - 6000

InCrea+ Links on the Liceul Miron Costin Website (Associated Partner)

Miron Costin Gimnasium cultivates excellence, capitalizes on tradition and promotes innovation. Emphasizes the creation of the organizational and functional framework necessary for change, increasing the quality of educational services: inclusive education, performance, professional certificates and educational activities that must strengthen the role of school in training young people, future active and creative citizens able to integrate into the labor market. , in a dynamic European society. The school unit aims to: · Training and development of students' intellectual work skills · Cultivating logical and creative thinking · Development of knowledge transfer capacity · Development of social communication capacity · Developing students' practical, ethical and aesthetic sense for self-assessment and self-discovery. · Formation of beliefs and voluntary behaviors that make it possible to involve students in solving the problems of the community they belong to. The website has over 6000 hits per month, by students, parents, teachers and education experts.

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Liceul Miron Costin_iulie 2021.png