Inclusive creativity through educational artmaking (InCrea+) erasmus

Dissemination Report of Erasmus+ project Inclusive creativity through educational artmaking (InCrea+)

Fundatia EuroEd, Romania

Stefania Matei


Local (within institution or participants from the same city)

Conference / Seminar / Fair


EuroEd building

Students, Teachers, Experts


Event with Students and Teachers at EuroEd

Outdoor event with Students and Teachers regarding educational resource gallery, part of the Experience a Tale Project, organisez on 13th of June 2021, for 2 hours. All the Secondary School students had a pressentation stand, with creative resources, EuroEd Teachers mentored the students. The InCrea+ objectives were presented to the public ✅Promoting social inclusion ✅Foster possible collaboration between art specialists, teachers and students ✅Enhance teachers’ skills and competences on innovative inclusive education we've also presented the brochure. 36 secondary school students 20 teachers Public: members of the staff, 140 students from the primary school.

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